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adventures that life creates. My hope is to put down in words and portraits especially those things that are apparent yet not always on parchment. Today unique thoughts, accounts, illustrations, and experiences may not remain distinctive but satisfaction can still be derived from the recognizable sentiment of them and from the faithful bonds they create."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thoughts Before Stage One Sleep

Sometimes when the world is quieting down, although that is minimally the case in a city, but nevertheless darkness falls, and stars may or may not be visible, my mind begins its thought process. It is at this time when I most wish I could hook up a printer to my brain so I could remember all things vividly the next day, and perhaps jot down those beautiful, clear, almost innovative thoughts. At this point I don't think I have even reached what is called the Stage One of sleep, otherwise known as the light stage of sleep.

I know I am not yet in that stage because I have barely laid down, found the most comfortable position, and have only just closed my eyes. Not more than a few seconds later, my mind whirs with constant thought. In this pre-stage, inventions emerge and thoughts become as clear as the crystal glass I might have washed with dish detergent. Ideas are established and I wish I could get out of bed, grab a pen and paper, and write these delicious concepts down. However, my body, encased in blankets, having warmed a spot in the bed, does not wish for me to interrupt the coziness.

Last night my mind thought of creating a blog sheathed with imagination and today I followed through and exceeded my own expectation, for when morning comes, only my dreams remain, and not those remarkable pre-staged thoughts...

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