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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Noodles Anytime...

Eating a certain type of Japanese style chowmein noodles has filled me with disillusion. Was it the craving for something more satisfying? Perhaps gratification came at the expense of following the instructions which I didn't do. The ingredients, containing at least one word that says, "monosodium glutamate," scared me into using just 1/4 of the packet. Then I saw that at the end one was to sprinkle the noodles with dried seaweed. Darn! I thought to myself. Just yesterday my husband and I had looked at some sushi-making seaweed and we didn't buy any.

I opened the smaller seasoning packet and as the hard noodles began to dance like streamers in the wind, I poured out what was to my dismay, the seaweed! I thought this small packet was surely the dehydrated vegetables that come with other kinds of noodles but as it emptied into the boiling water, I quickly became aware of the soft, green, mossy cluster appearing melancholy at having been forced to flavor the noodles too soon. But the noodles quickly cooked, perhaps a reason why so many students use it for its 'hit the spot' action.

After a few bites, thoughts of the MSG in the flavor-less noodles swam before my eyes. I proceeded to throw the rest of the noodles down the kitchen drain. Subsequently I washed the bowl thoroughly and opened a new packet of Honey Oats and Flakes. What could sound better than some good breakfast food full of minerals. As my eyes happily skimmed the back, one ingredient suddenly stood out: "high fructose corn syrup." Oh great! I thought. One cannot escape from the setbacks of the spoon to mouth, called food!

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