Through The Looking Glass

"See the world through the eyes of a creative contributor who loves to illustrate the small
adventures that life creates. My hope is to put down in words and portraits especially those things that are apparent yet not always on parchment. Today unique thoughts, accounts, illustrations, and experiences may not remain distinctive but satisfaction can still be derived from the recognizable sentiment of them and from the faithful bonds they create."

~Preparing Foodie Dreams~

Experience the joy of palatable cuisine. This page will feature Indian and other cooking done at home. Come partake in the flavor of a new Bride's first discoveries. Cooking made easy, complete with pictures.
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20. Pasta Tuna Bake with Spinach

19. Sausage Souffle

18. Strawberry Banana Smoothie

17. Marble Coffee Cake

16. Mutton (Goat/Lamb) Curry - North Indian Style 

15. Vegetable Beef Stir Fry

14. Cardamom Coconut Cupcakes

13. Fettuccine Lunch

12. Carrot Sabzi

11. Green Bean Thoran

10. Atta Diamond Crisps

9. Egg Curry

8. Swedish Pancakes

7. Jeera Vellam or Cumin Water

6. A Chef's Pallet

5. Basic Vanilla Cake

4. Egg Fried Rice

3. Malabar Style Kerala Chicken Curry

2. Coconut Burfi in Mango Sauce

1. Tuna Cutlets

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